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What is SEO and Why Do You Need?   arrow

Everyone talks about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) nowadays. But as a matter of fact most of them are just joining the bandwagon without having any clear idea about it. While you can always recruit a service provider to handle your SEO, it is better if you have a clear idea about what to look for. So, let us discuss a few SEO benefits that are vital to any website and see if they fit into your scheme of things.

Firstly, the primary target of SEO is of course traffic. Better SEO means your website shows up in the search engines during relevant queries more often. So, more and more people click it and arrive at your site. For example if you are a car dealer in London, people find you while searching “car dealers in London”. Proper SEO ensures a regular flow of traffic to your website. Increased traffic also enhances sales. As more people visit you site, number of potential customers also increase.

But traffic is not the only reason why you need SEO. While visitors and sales are immediate goals, it also helps you in the long term by enhancing your visibility and strengthening your brand equity. As people see your website regularly during important searches, they become familiar with your brand. They may not immediately become your customers but gradually you gain a place in their consciousness. Also, when you achieve high rankings in the search engines, it also gives an impression that you are a respected and popular brand. So, good SEO slowly but steadily drives your brand value upwards.

You should also note that if you succeed in your SEO, most of your marketing budget can be saved. Most successful websites get bulk of their visitors from search engines. So, once you ace your SEO, you can live without expensive advertisements. Also, the quality of traffic arriving through search engines are always better as these are the people who are genuinely searching for the product or service you are offering.

Finally, while working on the SEO, general usability of the site also improves. SEO requires sites to have a clearly defined structure and easy navigability. This also makes it easier for actual visitors. Better user experience can also lead to better conversions in terms of sales. Overall, it can be said that SEO benefits are not limited to immediate traffic but it eventually impacts your entire business as well as your brand image.